Financing Your Receivables for Growth

When you are trying to make sure your company has all the tools it needs to keep growing, it’s important to focus on the way your cash flow management contributes to your business cycle. Having good management of your cash means never having to defer work because you are waiting for the funds you need to access raw materials or extra labor. To accomplish that, you need a way to access the funds in your unpaid accounts in time to meet your own obligations, and that is where accounts receivable financing comes in.

Financing Receivables Explained

When you apply for a factoring loan, JoVai Capital associates review your outstanding accounts. They also check out your customers’ repayment histories. That allows them to calculate the lump sum that will be made available based on those accounts. When payment comes in, we handle collection, and our associates deduct the original advance balance and our service fee before passing the rest on to you.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

  • Reusable—take out a new advance whenever you have outstanding accounts
  • Payment insurance on your clients at no additional cost to you
  • Fast and flexible
  • No recourse if your customer does not pay
  • No loss of equity or addition of long-term debt

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Get started by downloading and filling out the following forms:

Personal Financial Statement
Accounts Receivable Financing Application
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