Finance Your Real Estate Portfolio Flexibly With Stated Income Loans

When you have built your business around property ownership and management, new acquisitions are not just new investments you hope to see a return on. They are your primary source of income, so you need to be able to manage them closely, to get as much as possible out of each one. After all, the goal is to make them your primary business, so you are more concerned with earning potential than resale value, and you need loans that reflect your priorities.

How Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans Work

When you take out stated income loans, your loan values are based on the property’s earning potential, which works as a better estimate of your actual risk for the purposes of your loan. It is also flexible, allowing you to get cash out of properties that have accrued equity so that you can use it to finance renovations or acquisitions elsewhere in your portfolio. It’s even possible to use them to get cash out of the business, allowing you to invest in other opportunities as they come up.

How JoVai Capital’s Stated Income Loans Are Set Up

  • Funding is available for those with credit scores of 600 or higher
  • Up to 75% LTV for 5+ unit residential buildings that are not owner-occupied
  • Up to 70% LTV for 1-4 unit residential buildings, again if they are not owner-occupied
  • Up to 65% LTV for warehouses, office buildings, and other commercial spaces
  • Up to 25 year terms are available

Make Your Properties Work for You

With the various ways you can put your capital to use when you take out stated income loans, it is easy to use your money in ways that manage your risk, making it easier to take more of them without worrying about overextending your debt. That makes it a powerful tool for investors looking for rapid growth.

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