Your Choice for Consumer Credit

If you manage a business that does not currently provide credit to its customers, now is the time to think about adding consumer finance options to help facilitate access to your goods and services. Researchers have repeatedly shown that providing access to credit not only increases first time sales by expanding your potential customer base, it also helps encourage repeat sales because customers like to return to businesses where they know they can access a financing plan.

Program Parameters

When you sign up to work with the JoVai Capital consumer credit program, you gain access to a powerful platform that is already helping small businesses around the country. Here’s how it works:

  • E-signature processing with instant credit approval
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates to meet more customers
  • Incentive programs like six months same as cash
  • Financing for FICO scores above 580
  • Have us collect on bad debt for you

These features make our program easy to manage and accessible for a wide range of customers—even those traditionally left out by other programs.

Built for Practically Any Business

Most people are familiar with consumer credit as a tool for large-ticket retail businesses, but these programs have a long history of success with contractors, healthcare professionals, and even private schools and clubs. As long as your business bills for goods or services up to $10,000, JoVai Capital associates can help get you set up.

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Why Offer Consumer Financing to Your Customers?
Give Your Patients The Financing They Need