Streamline Spending and Reporting With Unsecured Credit Lines

There’s a reason why unsecured business lines of credit are widely considered to be fundamental instruments that businesses need. Partly, it’s because they are one of the most visible ways to begin establishing a credit history. Mostly, though, it’s because their features not only help with cash flow management and working capital, they also provide an easy path to streamlining your expense accounting.

JoVai Capital Credit Line Features

Our credit lines are generally available in two tiers. Small businesses and companies that are just starting out can typically expect to be approved for up to $50,000 based on an approved application. Established companies with incomes above $1 million will find we can facilitate lines up to $500,000. Either way, the core features remain the same:

  • Zero percent introductory financing periods
  • Regular rates at 1 to 5 percent over the published federal prime rate
  • 10 minute preapprovals with a $45 credit check

Get Your Business Started

Having the capital you need to make those initial supply purchases so you can get to work means saving. Having the ability to maintain your cash flow means spending, though, and that is why small businesses need all the credit tools they can muster as they establish themselves.

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